The original, made in Canada

Maple syrup is an integral part of Canadian culture. There’s a reason why the national flag features a maple leaf! For us, it means that springtime is back! We produce our syrup in March and April, the sugaring season, and we always celebrate with a sugaring-off party. We gather round a table for a traditional meal, we tell stories of Canadian legends on how maple syrup was discovered, we sing, we dance... we have a blast! It’s the perfect chance to say Goodbye to winter as we satisfy our sweet tooth!

Welcome to my sugar shack!

When the snow melts, we head to the sugar shack! According to knowledge passed down by the French pioneers, we carefully tap the trees to harvest maple sap, one of Mother Nature’s gracious gifts! This doesn’t hurt the trees; they continue to grow and can live for up to 200 years! The maple sap is boiled down to make our famous maple syrup. There are no additives! The precious nectar is simply filtered to remove impurities, and then it’s ready to be enjoyed. Enjoy!

The flavour of the forest, so yummy!

My maple syrup is sourced from deep within the Canadian forests. It is 100% authentic, and free of colourants and additives. It has a unique amber colour and an inimitable caramelised flavour. Try it on everything, like we do in Canada! It’s delicious on pancakes, crepes, or in your coffee or yoghurt. It adds an original touch to any recipe, for sure! The flavour of the forest is an inspiration to chefs and home cooks alike! You too can make a meal just like the ones served at the sugar shack!